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Cuzdan Pouch Ivory

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Life and Use

Meet the Cuzdan Pouch


Rectangular pouch with hidden zip. Piping detail all around the pouch. Metal D-ring on the side for hanging purposes. 


Gelin Taci, known as the ‘Bride’s Crown’ in Turkey, is a representation of two entities becoming one. It's one of the motifs to be found on dowry blankets in Turkey, known to be designed by quilting artisans of a region in Northern Turkey called Macka, Trabzon.

Why We Love It

All motifs are a modern interpretation of Turkish design and craftmanship


Width - 22cm / 9in 

Height - 14cm / 6in

All Ana Nevi products are made by artisans, celebrating the traditional crafts of Turkey. Made in Ankara in Turkey, the brands team of creatives work on production and creation for all items. Aside from celebrating the Founder's roots from Turkey, making items in this country was a decision to cut the brands carbon emissions too - loweing the travel impact of transportation.

Body: 100% Poly-Sateen 

Lining: 100% Cotton Voile 

Wadding: Corn-Cotton Wadding 

Dry Clean Only. Do not bleach, iron, wash or tumble dry. Please refer to the care label for washing instructions

When we think about mindful consumption, cost per use is a way of evaluating whether or not your purchase is sustainable or not. Asking questions like “will I use/wear this piece more than 30 times?” “Will I fix it when it breaks?” “When I’ve finished using it, will I extent the lifespan of the item by giving it to someone I know/charity?” All of these actions will decrease the overall carbon footprint of your purchase.

How do you work out the cost per use? Divide the price of the product by 30! We use 30 as this is the average amount of uses items are thought to have.

The arts and crafts used in wearable forms have decades and centuries of history behind them. Techniques and motifs applied have been passed through generations of artisans. Therefore Ana Nevi believes that history should be protected and respected by showing affection and care to the Ana Nevi garments so that they can last generations in our closets.

Free from animal products & animal cruelty.

For more sizing enquiries check out the sizing tab next to the product

The Story Behind Ana Nevi

Ana Nevi is an entity that accomodates traditional crafts of Turkey by repurposing them in various wearable forms. Ana Nevi derives from the ethnic custome of our motherland, highlighting the brands commitment to keeping the Turkish tradition and craft alive.