The story behind
Stories Behind Things

Who we are

Stories Behind Things was built on a desire to re-connect to the things we consume on a daily basis. Since starting as a passion project, the platform has since grown into a thriving platform that celebrates the story behind what we consume. Stories Behind Things prides themselves on being a solution led space that harnesses the positivity we need to create change. Welcome!

meet our
Founder & CEO
Jemma Finch

“Stories Behind Things began as a passion project to celebrate
the power of storytelling when trying to live a more sustainable life. Since then it has grown into a multi facetted platform and force for positive change. From our online Shop to offline events, our mission is to challenge mindsets when it comes to sustainability. And most of all, to acknowledge that their daily actions really do lead to greater lasting change”. - Jemma Finch, Founder and CEO