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Harper Bag

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Life and Use

Meet the Harper Bag


  • Made in Vienna, Austria 
  • Materials used: Pinatex & Linen/Organic Cotton
  • Various styles possible
  • Lining includes an inside zip pocket and a carabiner 
  • NEW: close with two magnetic pushbuttons and/or zipper
  • Wide and comfortable straps (3,5cmx75cm)
  • Dimensions: 24/19/14cm 
Why we love it

PETA Approved materials


All production takes place in Vienna, Austria. This means that once the fabric has reached the studio it will not leave the studio until it has been turned into a saborka product and sent to its new home. The only travel takes place when delivering to our customers. 

All products are all fair produced in Vienna, and cruelty free. All products are mostly made from dead-stock faux-leather, organic cotton and linen. 

When we think about mindful consumption, cost per use is a way of evaluating whether or not your purchase is sustainable or not. Asking questions like “will I use/wear this piece more than 30 times?” “Will I fix it when it breaks?” “When I’ve finished using it, will I extent the lifespan of the item by giving it to someone I know/charity?” All of these actions will decrease the overall carbon footprint of your purchase.

How do you work out the cost per use? Divide the price of the product by 30! We use 30 as this is the average amount of uses items are thought to have.

For more sizing enquiries check out the sizing tab next to the product

The Story Behind SABORKA

SABORKA combines timeless designs with fair production to create unique and high quality accessories for all walks of life. Sustainability and ethical practice is at the core of everything we do. Dedicated to our craftsmanship, all bags and accessories are handmade in Vienna, Austria.